Oatmeal Apple Pancakes

Oatmeal Apple Pancakes
(Photo by Leprevitsky)

As an artist, I find that art is not limited to my canvas... and food art is not limited to dinner. Good food comes from the heart and end up in the stomach... in a roundabout sort of way.

This is a true gourmet pancake that will not only taste amazing, but keep you energized through your active day. This recipe is milk free, but does call for butter. he butter is used to grease the pan so you can substitute your regular pan greasing in this case. This recipe makes about 12 pancakes.

Ingredients -
- Eggs - 4
- Oatmeal - 1 cup - Standard Rolled Oats (Bob's Red Mill) or Quick Oats (Quaker 1-Minute) is fine.
- Apples - 3 - I use Gala Apples
- Pancake Mix - 1.25 cups - I prefer natural pancake mix like Arrowhead Mills or Bob's Red Mill, but you can substitute your favorite here.
- Coconut Water - 3/4 cup
- Cinnamon - 1 teaspoon Ceylon Cinnamon - Pure, fine ground - Any types of cinnamon will work, but Ceylon is healthier for you.
- Butter - for greasing the pan.

Chopped Apples
(Photo by Leprevitsky)

Instructions for preparation -

Oatmeal preparation

1) Pour 1.5 cups water into a pot, light the stove and then pour the oats into the water.
2) Stir the mixture occasionally until it starts to boil and then turn the flame down to low. Stir for another minute or two until the oatmeal becomes has a smooth texture. Then turn off the flame and put that aside for a few minutes.
Peel the Apples

3) Remove all of the skin from the apples using a potato peeler and then core (remove the seeds and stem) out the apples and then cut into quarters.
4) At this point you can chop the apples by hand or use a food processor to chop into very small pieces (see photo or video on YouTube)
The Mixture...

5) Put one or two large pans on the stove and turn the flame to medium. This will be heating up to the best temperature while you're putting the mixture together. Two pans are better, if possible, so you'll be turning out the pancakes faster.
6) In a large mixing bowl, add the eggs and then beat then until they are mixed and smooth.
7) Add the coconut water. Mix until the mixture is smooth.
8) Add the pancake mix. Mix until smooth.
9) Add the cinnamon. Mix until the mixture is smooth. You should see the mixture as a slightly tan color at this point.
10) Add the oatmeal and the apples (you can add the walnuts too if you want). Mix until the mixture is smooth. When mixed properly, it should not look too lumpy.
Ready to Cook

11) Take a slice of the butter and put it onto the heated pan or pans. move it around the pan so that a large middle portion is greased. You don't really need to go all the way to the edge of the pan since you'll only be using the middle of it.
12) Pour enough of the mixture onto the pan that will flatten out to 6 or 7 inches and about 1/2 to 3/4 inches thick.
13) The pancake should cook for about 3 - 4 minutes before flipping (with a spatula) and 2 more minutes after the flip. The color should be near golden brown, but not too dark (like chocolate)
14) When the pancake is ready, remove it from the pan to the serving plate and go back to step 11 for repeat. Note: you should not need as much butter for regreasing the pan as the first time you did it.
Ready to Serve

There are several options for serving.
- Maple Syrup
- Blackberry, boysenberry or your favorite jam
- Applebutter
- Honey
- Butter should not be needed when eating these pancakes due to the fact that they were cooked in butter, but you can be the judge of that.
Happy eating!!