The Artist and the Canvas

There's a belief, today, that any person who calls themselves an artist (after making a piece of art)... is automatically an artist. That happens to be true. When you create art , you're an artist. But the topic gets deeper from this point. Was the art that was created, a great piece of art or a real piece of crap? That largely depends upon your personal view of this newly rendered artwork. You may like it, but the next person may not.

What about popular opinion? What if a large group of people think the art was amazing? Does that make the artist out to be this new, brilliant creative force? I think this is where there is a split of terminology. Someone who is popular, is not necessarily skilled and someone who is skilled is not necessarily popular. A person can be skilled in business enough to make themselves very popular. Look at Donald Trump for this reference. When you see an artist rise quickly to massive popularity, it's often NOT because they were very skilled at their art. It's because they had good business people who were very skilled in advertising and motivated by money. It's as simple as that. Can you think of any better reason why reality TV would be so popular? Popularity, in our modern state of commerce, is not about skill, but about marketing. It's about brand awareness. It's about shoveling anything down your throat to the point that you'll buy a soda or a cigarette or something.

If they truly cared about bringing you quality entertainment then you wouldn't be sitting in front of your TV watching them make toast in their TV kitchen... Though it's really amazing how they can just pour their heart and soul into pressing that toaster button...

And how about music ? Well, how many times have you heard of a famous singer who was lip-synching on stage or TV. How many famous singers write their own music. Are you sure that your favorite artist actually writes their own tunes? Are you actually sure that they're really singing the song? Lip-synching?

Yes, these are the days of the average person's popularity. There's really nothing wrong with that except... I hope you are not mistaking a marketing campaign for true artistic talent.

Artist Leprevitsky
The canvas doesn't make the artist great. The artist makes the canvas great.